Living Expenses Information

Payment of living expenses for visiting academics

International visitors invited to observe and participate in research at UNSW, who have had an Academic title conferred upon them, may have a financial contribution made towards their living expenses in the form of a per diem.

The per diem will be paid in accordance with the below conditions, and will only be paid if approved by the Head of School (or other authorised delegate). There is no entitlement to a per diem. Per diems can be made at an amount less than the rates specified below, but cannot exceed these rates.

The visitor must be a non-resident of Australia and hold an appropriate visa.

Per Diem Allowance conditions:

Visitors up to 90 days, are treated as a traveller and thus are able to receive a living allowance/ per diem rate up to the ATO reasonable travel allowance rate for Sydney at the lowest salary band.

The rates for 2013/14 taxation year are:

Accomm .
Food and drink
B'fast 24.90
Lunch 28.00
Dinner 47.75

For stays greater than 90 days, UNSW Tax should be consulted on living allowance payments as FBT may be payable. This is dependent on the visiting academics home country of residence and whether Australia has Double Tax Agreements (DTA) with this country. In particular, it should also be noted that even if living allowances are paid for less than 90 days, if the visiting academics stay is greater than 90 days, FBT may be payable.