Motor Vehicles

Novated Leasing Consultants are available to discuss Salary Packaging options by contacting LeasePlan on 132572

Faculty and Department vehicles
Managment of Faculty and Department vehicles
All vehicles used by the University are pool vehicles and will be provided under company operating leases which are fully maintained by LeasePlan.  Employees who are required to use Faculty / Department vehicles must treat the vehicle with the same care and diligence as if the vehicle were owned by UNSW Sydney.
UNSW Sydney ensures that a high proportion of its fleet vehicles are energy-efficient or use alternative fuels.  Fuel-efficient vehicles in the fleet include hybrid cars (Toyota Priuses)

Acquisition and disposal of Faculty and Department vehicles

  • all vehicles will be acquired under lease as new vehicles through the Fleet Officer
  • all trailers, boats and selected plant equipment will be purchased and owned by UNSW Sydney and managed by external fleet and vehicle management company, LeasePlan.
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